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Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated dealing with a hard nosed car insurance adjuster who doesn't want to listen to what you have to say?

Do you feel aggravated to the point where you want to just throw your arms up in the air and take whatever money they are offering you?

You know your car is worth more money than the insurance company is offering... BUT... do you know what else?

SO DO THEY!!! (although they will never reveal this to you)... Truth be told, they will not pay you a penny more than they have too.

Until now... because before you finish reading this letter you will know...



A PROVEN way to show the insurance company REAL PROOF your car is worth way more $$$ than what they say it is.

And what is great about this is...

  • You Don't Need Expert Appraisal Skills

  • You Don't Need Weeks to Set This Up

  • You Don't Need Any Fancy Software

  • You Don't Need To Spend Lots Of Money

  • You Don't Need Special Tech Skills

What others have to say...

Mary got lucky

“I just want to say thank you to author Joseph Broderick for writing such a great resource.  So many people trust their insurance carrier to do what’s best for them, truly believing they have their best interest at heart, but those people, I included, need to think again.  I was so naive before reading this book and my eyes have now been opened to the truth.  I recently had a loss and filed an insurance claim, thankfully I came across this book before I settled because it allowed me to do the research needed to get the most I was entitled to which happened to be a lot more than my insurance company was trying to offer.  Thanks to this well presented, easy to understand and implement guide I won in the end.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book and be prepared for anything that may come “before” it does.  You won’t regret it.  Well written, easy to follow, educational….highly recommended!” - Mary M.

Austin had a smooth settlement

"So far the claim process has been perfect. Would only have a 100% satisfied testimonial." - Austin B.

Connie increase her payout $3,000!

“Just a quick note to say “THANK YOU!” The insurance company only wanted to pay $9,000 for my car. I used Joseph’s Cash Value Maximizer and the insurance company increased their offer to $12,000. It works!” - Connie Lawless

Michele didn't really understand the total loss process

"Joseph, Thank you and your program did help with my total lost claim. With your program I created an estimate and was able to get an
additional $485.00. Another thing was your program helped me understand how they go about creating their report so I was better informed in discussing what I wanted vs what they were offering." - Michele Hall

Mark didn't know what to do

“I was so naive before learning about this. I recently had an accident and filed an insurance claim, thankfully I came across this site before I settled because it allowed me to do the research needed to get the most I was entitled too.” - Mark Keihl



Just Follow A Step-By-Step System That Works Every Time

This is a real game changer for you... No more frustration... No more wasting time... And... No more wondering how to get the insurance company to pay you more money.

And even better...  You will be out shopping for a replacement car and not need to shell out extra cash from your own pocket.


In fact, this is so easy to use a grandma was able to increase her cash payout $3,000 MORE than the insurance company's final offer.

So if this can help someone who knows absolutely nothing about cars pull an extra $3,000 out of the insurance company's pocket, I'm extremely confident this can help YOU too.



Your Ticket to Getting the Highest Cash Payout for Your Total Loss Vehicle

training guide


 With your ridiculously low investment, you’re going to learn:

  • How to get top dollar for your car even if it is a total Junker (before the accident)
  • The only proven way to settle your car claim for top dollar fast
  • The one thing you must never do… or it’s game over
  • Why using online book values can actually hurt your case and make you lose money on your claim
  • Why asking your insurance adjuster this one question may be the most profitable thing you do for your claim
  • A dirty little secret most insurance adjusters hope you never find out
  • A “can’t miss” way to turn the tables in your favor that will practically have your insurance adjuster begging to you settle your claim... before it cost them even more money
  • One weird (but effective) little trick that will literally force your insurance adjuster to increase their cash offer without you having to lift a single finger
  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to give your opinion of your car value an instant credibility factor… and forces any insurance adjuster to have no choice but to agree with you
  • How to use the “pile-it-on” technique to boost a higher perceived car value
  • A secret way to discover that “magic price” that will work best to get the highest claim payout
  • How one simple thing (no one thinks to do) that can completely “wipe-out” the insurance adjusters evidence… and thus… leaves you holding the best evidence
  • How to glide through the claim negotiating process… keeping problems to a minimum and maximizing your claim payout



But, this is not all.   You will also get...


If you order TODAY, you will also get free access to:

Cash Value Maximizing Blueprint

(Valued at $37) 

appraisal blueprint

  • A REAL appraisal report you can use as a guide or ...
  • Use as a step-by-step as you put together your own cash value appraisal
  • You can copy and paste or simply edit this document
  • Comes in PDF, MS Word and OpenOffice

Ready to Use Appraisal Template

(Valued at $27) 

appraisal template ebook

  • This Appraisal Template comes formated and ready for all your information
  • Use in conjunction with the Appraisal Blueprint
  • Comes in PDF, MS Word and OpenOffice

17 Little Known Cash Value Boosters

(Valued at $25) 

cash value boosters ebook

  • The Cash Value Boosters is a great resource to increase your cash payout
  • Most people do not know these certain options and equipment can add hundreds of dollars (for each item) in value to their vehicle
  • Insurance company's have been known to ignore these cash valuable additions when appraising a vehicle

Comparable Vehicle Inspection Checklist

(Valued at $17) 

inspection checklist

  • This Vehicle Inspection Checklist is like your secret weapon
  • Simply just call up the seller (or in person) and ask them all the right questions and get all the details you need
  • Use it to collect and organize the details of the comparable vehicles you select
  • Use it to collect and organize the details of the insurance company's comparable vehicles (this gives you a huge advantage when you know more about their comparables than they do!)
  • Comes in PDF, MS Word and OpenOffice

Cash Value Adjustments

(Valued at $15) 

cash value adjustments cover

  • List of the most common adjustments you will need for...
  • Differences in Mileage
  • Differences inCondition
  • Differences in price negotiation (OBO)
  • Differences inEquipment and vehicle options

30 Online  Sources to Find Comparable Vehicles for Sale

(Valued at $10) 

30 ad sites cover

  • 30 sources to discover the best (and highest valued) comparable cars… the insurance company will use only 2 or 3 at most
  • Finding the best comparable vehicles online can be a time consuming task
  • You now have a list of the top online vehicle classified sites in the USA and Canada
  • This indispensable resource will help you find the highest priced comparable vehicles on the market

Whew! Great stuff, wouldn't you agree?


In fact, if you are dealing with an insurance adjuster... and ... you are negotiating without this insider information... YOU are not in control of your claim.


BUT Wait There's More!!!

Get These Fast Action Bonuses When You Buy Now!

Bonus #1 The Art of Buying a Car ($27 value) FREE


Bonus #2 Credit Repair Strategies Revealed ($27 value) FREE






I Know You Are A Busy Person And...

You Don't Have Days And Days To Figure All This Car Appraisal Stuff Out...

That Is Why I have Done All The Heavy Lifting For You.

Nothing  Is Left Out... I Hold Nothing Back.

No One Else Is Offering This Type Of Package



Let's recap everything you are getting:

  • The Cash Value Maximizer car appraisal system  $67 Value
  • My virtually “copy and paste” Cash Value Maximizer Appraisal Blueprint  $37 Value
  • Cash Value Appraisal Template $27 Value
  • List of 17 Cash value "boosters" $25 Value 
  • Appraisal check-list   $17 Value
  • Cash Value Adjustments $15 Value
  • List of the 30 best online classified car ad sites $10 Value
  • Plus the Fast Action Bonuses

Wow That's a Total Combined Value Well Over



Plus, this package is so complete once you go through it, you will not only be able to increase your cash payout, you could do it for others for a fee or percentage of the increased payout you get them.

And when you consider all the time, man hours and expertise I needed to put this package together in a format anyone can understand and put to use today, I could easily charge a premium for this training.

But I did not create this training for people who want to start an insurance claim business.

I created it for those who are struggling to get a fair payout from their auto insurance company.

So for that reason, I am going to offer the Cash Value Maximizer at a special discount price virtually anyone can afford.


And don’t worry, this is a completely risk free offer. The Cash Value Maximizer comes with an...

Ironclad 90-day, Money Back Guarantee

It is very simple...

Get it, check it out... and ... if you are not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all... send me an email within 90 days for a full and immediate refund of every dime you paid. No hassles. No questions asked.

However, I think you are going to be so delighted with the secrets you discover... you wouldn’t dream of asking... even if... I gave you double your money back.




This Limited Time Special Offer

So order now. Like I said before, this is a limited-time deal.

The Discounted Price Will be Increased to $27 Without Notice.

(which is still a great discount... but why pay more if you don't have too)

So order now to get hands on this claim changing information...


Here’s what you need to do now

Click on the button below now and order securely online via PayPal with your credit card (You don't need to have a paypal account... They just handle payment security).

Get The Entire Cash Value Maximizer System

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As you can see, I made this easy for anyone to knock-out a effective high cash value appraisal.

Hit the get instant access button and in just a few minutes you can get started with the Cash Value Maximizer system. Plus, everything I mentioned – the training course, the bonus appraisal template, the check-list, the list of 30 online vehicle classified ad sites to find the highest valued comparable vehicles and more...

The process is extremely simple and secure... you can look forward to creating your actual cash value appraisal in 1 hour or less, easily. So go ahead and fill out the secure order form now and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the “other side”.

Here's to collecting a successful claim payout,
Joseph Broderick


P.S. If you have come to this website looking for information on how to get the most cash for your total loss vehicle, you have come to the right place. I know of no other resource online that teaches you how to do this and do it right!

P.P.S You have nothing to lose and potentially $1,000's to gain with my 90 - day - risk free – money back guarantee. Having your cash value ready and backed up with real proof for the highest cash value – puts you in the drivers seat!

P.P.P.S Don’t wait! The sooner you get the highest cash value for your vehicle the sooner you can put all that insurance money towards another vehicle. Don’t risk losing money on your claim - click the buy button below to get instant access!


Click on the button below now and order securely online via PayPal with your credit card.

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