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The following State Farm Insurance reviews are curated from various sources on the internet. The reviews cover the area of total loss claims, peoples experience dealing with a State Farm adjuster and other situations where a State Farm policy holder had filed a car insurance claim. The following reviews are the opinions of the review authors and do not reflect the opinions of
Additional savings for safe drivers through State Farm's "Drive Safe & Save" program
Neighborhood based insurance agents allow customers to meet their representatives face-to-face
Consumers have a wide-variety of insurance plans and options to select from
"Drive Safe & Save" savings require subscription to in-vehicle communication services
Mixed reviews of how quickly they handle their claims process
Because they employ agents locally, State Farm's rates tend to be more expensive

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by hkson Nov 25, 2015
I had a small accident which included a windshield damage. The inspector didn't think it was due to the accident and didn't include it in the estimate. I was told I couldn't make an appointment with anybody unless I have an evidence. It was ridiculous. I demanded email communications for any records but they just called me which they actually recorded every time. How is it fair?? They are not reachable. I felt like I was dealing with Rogers' customer service or something. Don't go for State Farm, unless you can prove everything that happens to your car and you!!

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Will Feb 12, 2012
My experience with the claims department, claims are handled quickly and professionally.

Jmiss of Richmond, MO on Nov. 20, 2015
Satisfaction Rating
I was backed into by a driver insured with State Farm. Set up claim with no problem but was then emailed that I needed to call them and give them more info on damage. Have called TEN TIMES over past week and been put on hold over 30 minutes before I get mad and hang up. Was on hold one time for 50 minutes. Have called local agent and other departments for help but am told that the staff at the same phone number I've been calling are the ONLY ones that can help me. Local agent even said, "Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. We've gotten a lot of complaints about it too." REALLY!!?? Ridiculous. They keep this up and their business will collapse.

Worst insurance company ever
By laurag11
from miami, fl
After waiting 30 days for state farm to contact their insurer for damages to my car, they had told me they would accept liability if they could not contact them within that time frame. 31 days later my insurance company calls state farm and they say to them that they were going to accept liability and would soon call me with the details that day. They did not call me, so I called my insurance company the next day and all of the sudden state farm says that they never accepted liability and that the accident was my fault. Wow this was ridiculous they said they did not have documentation of accepting liability, gee I wonder maybe they deleted it obvious?? What a horrible insurance company that one day they say something and all of the sudden they change their mind when is was clearly their drivers fault as said so by the police report that said the other driver was recklessly driving.

I been having an insurance with State Farm for a while now always made my payment on time family also have an insurance through State Farm ,
When my brother got into an accident they send him a letter that they were going to cut off his insurance and that he Should find another insurance company for no reason at all and now they did the same thing to me because I got into a little accident.



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