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Great breadth of online information
Prompt issuance of payments
Eagerness to save customers money
Reasonable rates for those with flawed records
Forgiving; unlikely to follow through on late fees
Excessive unsolicited contact over the phone and email
Confusing payment set up system
Unexplained removal of discounts from policies

3.0 star rating 10/23/2015
Very disappointed. Been a loyal customer over 10 years. Car totaled when I hit an elk. Progressive within two days determined car was totaled, which was five stars. However, the agreement states that they are to pay for a comparable vehicle - that means that they need to find another vehicle the same make, model, year, approximate mileage and condition to mine and pay me accordingly. There "comp" report does not match my model - how is that a comp??? And the "comps" are $2,000 less than comps for MY car. WTF??? When it matters - Progressive disappoints..... It's been less than a day since I wrote this and contacted a bunch of Progressive employees. My "comp" problem was escalated again and I just cashed a check for an amount equal to my correct comps. I would have rather they did the right thing from the start - but fixing it after a lot of complaining still got me to a fair result.

Customer service is very helpful, polite and efficient. My parked car was hit and damaged by another vehicle and the folks at Progressive took care of everything from recommending a shop for repairs to handling the rental car arrangements. They made the whole experience as stress free as possible.

PROS / In some cases, you can set your own price for your insurance.

CONS / Customer satisfaction is lower than nearly all the insurance agencies we reviewed.

Aug 09, 2015
Terrible company!!!
Anonymous Policyholder
I was 4 blocks away from my apartment when a woman who was speeding while talking on a cell phone ran a stop sign and T-boned me. I was not speeding, not on my phone, not doing anything but returning home. The woman who hit me took full responsibility and admitted it was her fault, and the officer that responded to the crash also told Progressive that it was totally her fault. However, Progressive decided that since I could not recall the exact speed my car was going, that I could not prove that I was not speeding, and if I cannot prove that I was not speeding it must be because I was, and if I would have gone slower I would have been able to see the car coming in time to stop and avoid the crash. Keep in mind that they have no proof that I was speeding (because I wasn't, I may not know the exact MPH I was going but I know it was well under the limit) and that my boyfriend was in the car with me and repeatedly told the police and Progressive that I was not speeding (Progressive said his testimony can't be trusted because he has a relationship with me). Not that my speed should have mattered, there was a line of trees leading up to the road that the woman was on when she ran the stop sign so I would not have been able to see her until the last possible moment no matter how fast I was going. Progressive has made multiple excuses to avoid paying for my car, even after the officer personally contacted the representative and told him I was not at all at fault for the accident. I could not afford a lawyer so Progressive got away with not having to pay me a penny.
What is almost as bad as their refusal to pay for their client is the treatment I received from their company. The representative asked me to tell him what happened and then trying to twist the things that I told him to make a case for why Progressive does not need to pay for the damages to my car. When I pointed out that the conclusions that he was reaching after twisting my words did not make logical sense, he became defensive an insulting. He said that nothing I said is reliable because I was trying to get money out of them. Well, yes, I was trying to get money from them, that is how insurance coverage is supposed to work, and insulting someone for trying to get a company to do what they are supposed to do is especially unprofessional. After insulting me and becoming frustrated that I was not helping him build a case for why Progressive should get out of taking responsibility for my car, he hung up on me. I have never dealt with a company that treated me as terribly as Progressive, and I would advise everyone to avoid dealing with them.


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