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The following Allstate Insurance reviews are curated from various sources on the internet. The reviews cover the area of total loss claims, peoples experience dealing with a Allstate adjuster and other situations where a Allstate policy holder had filed a car insurance claim. The following reviews are the opinions of the review authors and do not reflect the opinions of
Affordable prices
Knowledgeable service reps
Excellent overall service
Unsolicited marketing phone calls
Inexperienced adjusters
Unclear billing and claims processes

Allstate is a terrible company to deal with. So terrible that I do not even want to give them a 1 star rating. The only reason I switched to them was because I was saving money on auto insurance through them. Little did I know what a terrible decision I was making. For all the consumers out there reading this review, please do not base your insurance decisions on how much money you save with an insurance company. It really is the level of service you receive when you enter into a claim. The Claims Adjustor was rude, called me a liar, and was so aggressive to deal with! This is an accident in which we are not at fault, but we are being charged with 50% of the liability because the other party lied in their statement. Allstate so far has not shown us any support. I have not felt for even a second that they are fighting for us and giving us the best possible care. They are in this business only to make money. The insurance agent that I signed through has been highly unprofessional, and will not return our calls. All in all a terrible experience. Please do not go with Allstate Insurance. You will regret it later if you do.

Victoria of Pensacola, FL on Nov. 23, 2015
I've had to make a few accident claims and they were always handled quickly and the representatives were very helpful. The first time I was in an accident I had no idea what to do and my agent walked me through each step and made sure I was taken care of.

Terrible claims process
By Brg1978
from Sacramento, ca
I had to file a claim as someone hit my parked car. Allstate approved the claim and sent me to their preferred repair shop. The repairs were great.... However, after telling me they issued payment to my account electronically the money never showed up. My car was repaired and If I wanted it is have to pay out of my own pocket. I spent a total of 6 hours on the phone with claims and made at least 20 phone calls to their office and my agent. No one was any help and I had to explain every time I called. I was hung up on and treated like I was trying to cheat them out of money. They acknowledged that they could see the money was never sent to my account but since they did not know where they had sent it then I had to wait till they resolved. I have had Allstate for years and never once late for a payment. After threatening to take them to court they finally cut me a check. I will be shopping for a new insurance company immediately.

Worst company to do business with
Anonymous Policyholder
I was in an accident with an Allstate insured driver about 3 yrs ago, The driver backed in to my car. Admitted fault and the insurance company Allstate accepted Liability, OK great right (NOT) @ days after they accepted Liability they said too bad so sad we decline liability and are not going to fix your car. OK that was incident one.
A week ago an Allstate Insured changed lanes and side swiped my truck He admitted fault and offered to pay out of pocket I said OK then he did not follow through with his promise so I filed a claim with Allstate they contacted there insured he said that he did change lanes and hit me and again they accepted fault then two days later they changed there mind again. I believe they are treating me this way because of previous experience's with them. IF YOU NEED INSURANCE ALLSTATE IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. I WOULD RECOMMEND ANY OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY OTHER THAN ALLSTATE.


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